Pop-up Choirs

If the answer to any of the above questions is yes, then a pop-up choir is the right thing for you.

Set up specifically for a local event, pop-up choirs provide a set number of rehearsals prior to the event and the opportunity to perform as part of a choir at a one-off performance.
Participants pay upfront to take part so there is no fuss with finding payment on a weekly basis or setting up long-term payment plans.

Sup and Sing

The ultimate in low-scale pub entertainment for all.

Sup and Sing is designed to encourage people to sing communally in an unthreatening and fun environment. Songs are chosen by the people taking part, live accompaniment is played acoustically and everyone has a chance to join in.
If you are a licensee looking for an alternative to a pub DJ or karaoke that offers the opportunity for all to be involved if they choose to be then this is the right choice for you!